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About us

LOGIPharm is a supplier of pharmaceutical products and compounded medicines. The company operates a GPP (Good Pharmacy Practice) compounding laboratory and works together with a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical warehouse and GDP (Good Distribution Practice) logistics center to compound, store and distribute products in a trusted manner across Israel. Our skilled team offers a wide range of solutions aimed to ensure the health of our customers' patients:

  • Pharmaceuticals and treatments that were left out of the healthcare basket, including importation according to regulation 29c of the Ministry of Health

  • On-demand sterile and non-sterile compounded medicines (contingent approval of an authorized healthcare professional)

  • Initial professional consulting services regarding products and formulations

  • Sterile and non-sterile preparations services in an advanced compounding facility

  • Importation and GMP-certified storage of pharmaceutical products and raw materials - APIs, excipients, etc. in:

    • Room temperature (15-25°C)

    • Refrigerated (2-8°C) 

    • Frozen (-20°C)

  • QP services

  • 1-4 business-day cross-country delivery in temperature-monitored vehicles

  • 24/7 QA monitoring

  • Pharmacovigilance service

  • Environment-friendly operations

  • Kind and dedicated service
    LOGIPharm's vision is to improve health in Israel by compounding, storing and distributing medicines according the highest standards, while providing caring and professional service. Take the first step towards better health.

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