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About us

LOGIPharm offers a wide variety of compounded medicines while providing dedicated service and professional support to its customers. Logipharm operates a GPP-certified (Good Pharmacy Practice) compounding laboratory and collaborates with VetMarket – a GMP- (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GDP (Good Distribution Practice)-certified pharmaceutical warehouse. Together, Logipharm and VetMarket compound, store and distribution therapeutic solutions in the most reliable and effective way across Israel.

LOGIPharm Team

The interaction between veterinarians and pharmacy is at the outmost importance, therefore we are at your service day in and day out. We support the veterinarian and help match the right treatment for the animal.

Extensive Range of Compounded Medicines

Logipharm specialize in customizing the therapeutic solution to the specific animal, offering a variety of compounded medicines in different routes of administration and dosages.


Safe and Quick Delivery

Logipharm and VetMarket deliver their products promptly daily and in emergencies per request in temperature-controlled vehicles according to regulations​.

Aspire for Excellence 

  • Compounding at the highest standards according to regulations 132/135 by the Ministry of Health

  • GPP-certified compounding laboratory

  • GMP/GDP-certified logistics center and vehicle fleet

  • Reliable digital tracking of batches

Highest Quality Raw Materials

  • World-leading suppliers

  • GPP-certified materials

Sterile Preparations

  • State-of-the-art cleanroom suite for sterile and aseptic preparations according to EU regulations

  • Sterility tests according to USP 71

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About us
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